Kyle Gray UK & Angel Team Training Statement

Kyle Gray has been studying within the field of spirituality for more than 17 years and for the last 11 years has dedicated his professional life to the spiritual development of others. With a wide range of experience in energy healing and angelic communication – Kyle is invested in creating insightful, professional level training in the healing arts.

Kyle Gray is a Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of 8 books and co-creator of 5 oracle decks with his publisher, Hay House. Kyle has been named ‘one of the UK’s most successful angel readers’ by Psychologies Magazine and named as an ‘expert in celestial connections’ by You Magazine.


Kyle Gray UK and Angel Team are committed to providing the highest standard of training with regards to both spiritual and energy work.

Although angel card reading and crystal therapy are currently unregulated systems of healing and guidance, we at Kyle Gray UK and Angel Team only certify angel card readers and crystal energy guides when they meet our requirements.

Every practitioner is expected to complete 100% of their training, which includes all videos, assessments and attending a minimum of 3 live coaching calls. Each applicant for certification is also required to submit 4 case studies with written client feedback which is reviewed upon application of certification.

The minimum training time for certification is 3 months study, but in most cases students take anywhere between 6 and 18 months to complete their work.

Whenever a practitioner does not meet the requirements for certification, we invest time on explaining what areas need more attention and invite them to reapply when these requirements are met.

Kyle Gray UK Training is a member of the Complementary Medical Association which is renowned for having the very highest membership standards of all multi-disciplinary organisations. The CMA demand higher qualifications than many other groups, and as a non-profit organisation they are committed towards promoting and protecting professionalism across the field of complementary medicine.

Skills in Certifications Explained:


Angel Card Mastery

Someone Certified in Angel Card Mastery will successfully be able to hold space to perform an angel card reading. Angel card readings are sessions centred around helping clients feel safe and supported. The session should make them feel like the reader can understand parts of their personality, the current energies within their world and offer insights to help them understand where things are going. Although angel card readings are not sessions that predict your future, they often incorporate ‘predictions’. In this case a prediction is more about reading the outcome of a situation based upon the current energies.

Angel card readings are intuitive, guidance-based sessions and are not replacements for medical or psychological advice.

Certified Crystal Energy Guide

Certified Crystal Energy Guides are fully qualified crystal therapists who are trained to administer the use of crystals and semi-precious gemstones to support the body’s natural capacity to heal itself. These sessions are catered towards individual needs where the practitioner will lead the client through a body scan, which is an internal inquiry providing intuitive insight on where in the body needs more or less energy. Crystals will then be laid upon the body to support the client entering a deep state of relaxation encouraging the body to recover, recuperate and heal.

Crystal Energy Sessions are intuitive and therapeutic holistic sessions and are not replacements for medical or psychological advice.