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Kyle Gray's Lifetime Access Angel Training

It's time to know your angels

As a member of Angel Team you will be encouraged to develop your natural intuitive abilities so you can unlock the connection with your angels. You’ll gain access to authentic and insightful content that will lead towards an enriching spiritual practice that will last you a lifetime.


3 Courses + 12 Months Live Coaching

Angel Foundation

The foundational course to support you developing your connection to your guardian angel and the angelic realm.

Know Your Angels

This 40-video training includes 12 attunement meditations with supportive manuals to connect with 12 of the major Archangels.

Angel Card Mastery

This Certified, step-by-step training teaches you how to work with angel cards as a tool for personal discovery and as a gift you can share.

Angel Team Live

Your monthly live coaching call with Kyle and the whole Angel Team! You'll check in on planetary energies, how you can work with the angels to feel safe and how to shine your light.

Everything you need to take your journey with the Angels to the next level

Angel Foundation 

Lifetime access

This foundational course will give you the essential information you need to begin developing your angelic connection.

  • 17 videos introducing you to the angels in a loving way.
  • 2 meditations to awaken your angelic connection.
  • Essential information to support developing your gifts.

Know Your Angels

Lifetime access

Build your knowledge of the Archangels and how they can support you, your loved-ones or even your clients. 

  • 40 videos covering twelve angelic and archangelic beings
  • 12 attunements to connect with the individual Archangels
  • Lessons on their gifts and knowledge
  • Printable handout for each Archangel

Angel Card Mastery

Lifetime access

Kyle will guide you through the knowledge and experience he has built up over the last 17 years as an angel card reader.

  • 40 video tutorials
  • Six hours of content
  • Card spread help-sheets
  • Exclusive oracle deck manuals
  • Certificate upon completion

Angel Team Live Coaching

Every month Angel Team gather together for a live call that will discuss the energies of the planet and how you can work with your angels.

  • 12 months access to live coaching
  • Monthly insights on planetary energies
  • Access to replay library of all past calls
  • Closed captions on all replays
  • The only way to be coached by Kyle Gray

These calls take place once per month on a Sunday at 4pm UK time / 11am ET / 8am PT.

Facebook Group

As a member of the Angel Team you’ll  have access to the members only private Facebook group where you can share your experiences with other members.

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Certified Angel Card Mastery

Your lifetime access to Angel Team includes Certification in Angel Card Mastery!

The Angel Team certification process includes completing all training videos, an assessment and the submission of four case studies. All of your progress is tracked and marked. If you complete all the requirements and accept the Angel Team Code of Practice you will receive certification.

Angel Team and Kyle Gray are dedicated to creating the highest calibre of Angel Card Practitioners.

"Becoming a part of Angel Team was one of the best decisions I have made since embarking on my spiritual journey. Embracing and connecting with the angelic realm has helped me to personally progress my own spiritual business and Kyle's Angel Card Mastery course gave me the confidence to share spiritual readings and angelic guidance with the world. As an added bonus the Angel Team community is an encouraging, supportive, and compassionate place and I have been lucky enough to make some lovely friends through Angel Team."

Alexia Rock

"Angel Team has been an integral part of my spiritual practice for over three years. The teachings and connections made have helped me grow so much. I now run my own successful spiritual business, giving readings and holding workshops with clients around the world. Thank you Kyle for this incredible team you created. Proud to be part of it."

Melissa Sagir Amos

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan

Who are the angels?

Kyle's journey with the angels

Angels in the four corners of the World

You have a guardian angel

Can an angel be a deceased loved one?

Your guardian angel's purpose

The Angelic Frequency

How to invite your angel in

Learning to identify your angel

Meditation to identify your angel

Angels and Archangels

Can you speak to someone else's guardian angel?


A meditation to remember your guardian angel



Lesson Plan

Lesson One:  Archangel Michael – Spiritual Protection & Feeling Safe

Michael’s name means ‘He who is like God’. He is the prince of light and the leader of the Angelic realm. He is the Angel who protects all lightworkers - those souls who feel called to help heal the world. He is a multi-dimensional being and, like all Archangels, he can be in all places at once. Michael helps us surrender the negative feelings within so we can align once more with our spiritual truth, which is love.

Lesson Two:  Archangel Raphael – The Divine Physician and Angelic Healing

Raphael’s name means ‘God heals’ and he is the Archangel of health and healing. With his emerald aura, he has the ability both to heal us and to help us heal ourselves.

Lesson Three:  Archangel Ariel – The Peaceful Warrior & Animal Realm

Ariel’s name means ‘Lioness of God’ and she is a true warrior-spirited angel who has a strong connection to the animal realm. She is here to help us have peace in our heart with regard to other people and the animal kingdom too.

Lesson Four:  Archangel Gabriel – The Inner Child & Speaking Truth

Gabriel’s name means ‘God strength’ and she is the angel of mothers and of communication, the ultimate nurturing Angel who can help us feel safe and supported in emotional situations, especially if they have anything to do with integrity or truthfulness.


Lesson Five:  Archangel Chamuel – Divine Love & Self Love

Chamuel’s name means ‘He who sees God’ and he is the angel of love. His aura is pure white and ruby and his purpose is to help us see opportunities to love. Chamuel helps us enjoy our loved ones and feel a sense of peace concerning our purpose, which is to be happy and fulfilled.

Lesson Six:  Archangel Uriel – Holding the Light & Inspiration

Uriel’s name means ‘God’s light’ and he is the angel of light. He brings the light, energy and harmony of the sun into our lives so that we can feel youthful and inspired. He helps us feel healthy, balanced and focused too, so that we can have a clear picture of our goals and where they are taking us.

Lesson Seven:  Archangel Raguel – Peace, Harmony & Friendship

Raguel’s name means ‘Friend of God’ and he is the angel of Harmony. He works very closely with those who call on him to bring an end to conflicts and challenges. He helps us to remember the importance of relationships, both romantically and personally.

Lesson Eight:  Archangel Azrael – Change, Transition & Transcendence

Azrael’s name means ‘He who helps God’. He is the angel who guides us through the process of transition. With his phoenix-like energy, he helps us to rise from the ashes of our challenges to be reborn and positive again.

Lesson Nine:  Mary, The Queen of the Angels – Devotion, Surrender & Peace

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is one of the best-loved saints, masters and guides of the world. Although she has had a huge part to play in the Catholic faith, she can bring faith, peace and love to anyone who calls on her. She is the saint of the people. She works directly with the angels of peace to bring healing to the world, particularly where there is conflict, and is dedicated to supporting children and mothers. Mother Mary is the spiritual embodiment of unconditional love and acceptance.

Lesson Ten:  Archangel Jeremiel – Forgiveness & Forging Freedom

Jeremiel’s name means ‘Mercy of God’ and he is the angel who allows us to look back over our life and gain clarity on where we are today. He is a miracle-worker and he helps us bring the flame of forgiveness into our hearts so we can move forward in a more fearless and powerful way.

Lesson Eleven:  Archangel Sandalphon – Grounding & Aligning with Wisdom

Sandalphon is the master of song and the Archangel who delivers our prayers to Heaven. He is the angelic postman who ensures that our positive thoughts, prayers and intentions are received by the divine.

Lesson Twelve:  Archangel Metatron – Energetic Frequency & Upgrades

Metatron is one of the few angels who have walked the Earth as a human being. So, he knows more than the other angels what it can be like to be challenged by people and situations. Metatron is the angel who can help us connect with the wisdom of God in our daily life.

Lesson Plan


Angel Cards, What The Are And How They Work

Choosing A Deck To Work With And Why

Angel Prayers Oracle

Keepers Of The Light Oracle

Angels And Ancestors Oracle

Angel Guide Oracle

Getting To Know Your Cards

Blessing The Cards

When To Work With Angel Cards

How To Protect Your Energy

How To Tune In And Out

Meditation + Angels

Shuffling Techniques

Jumping Cards

Reversed Cards

Reading Etiquette

Beginning To Do Angel Card Readings

Letting People Touch Your Cards

How To Read In Context

Approaching A Reading With Intent

Strength, Heart, Challenge Vs Past, Present, Future

Working With Difficult Cards

Language Skills

Dealing With The Ego Voice

Embodying The Angel

The Eight Card Spread

Telling A Story With Your Cards

Building Readings

Wrapping Up A Reading

Cleansing Your Cards

Angel Card Accessories

Why Is My Reading Not Accurate?

Trees For Life

Kyle Gray UK Ltd is planting a tree for every student joining Angel Team. This grove is also open to anyone who would like to plant a tree in honour of their angelic connection or in memory of someone they love. As the trees grow in the Scottish Highlands, may the connection to the infinite presence of love also grow.

Since 2021 we've planted over 4600 trees!

You can visit our Angel Team Family Tree here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your membership includes lifetime access to the Angel Team Level 1 Bundle which contains:

Angel Foundation

Know Your Angels Level 1

Certified Angel Card Mastery

Plus you'll receive 12 months access to Angel Team Live.

All Angel Team content is unlocked instantly. It is for this reason we cannot offer a payment plan for this training.

The live calls take place once per month on a Sunday at 4pm UK time via Zoom.

This is usually 11am ET / 8am PT apart from twice per year when the clocks change.

We offer a 14 day no questions asked refund from date of purchase. If you change your mind and request a refund within 14 days, it will be granted.

After the 14 day period, no refunds can be given due to the digital nature of the content.

There are 3 levels within Angel Team all with certified courses.

Angel Team Level 2 includes:

Know Your Angels Two

Advanced Angel Card Mastery (Certified)

Intuitive Professionals


Angel Team Level 3 includes:

Know Your Masters

Opening to Channel (Certified)

Yes! Upon completion of level 1, you can upgrade to participate in levels 2 and 3. These are lifetime access trainings.



We offer a small number of scholarships and partial scholarships to those who are experiencing financial hardship for whatever reason.

If you are experiencing difficulties and know the Angel Team training will support your life mission please email [email protected] explaining your circumstances and what you hope to do with the training once you finish. We will do our best to help.

Please note we cannot guarantee a scholarship for every request.


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